Summer Car Care at Country Hills Hyundai

While genuine Hyundai parts are manufactured to hold up well over time, the reality is that eventually the elements have their way with them, ultimately requiring that car owners visit the service department at their Alberta Hyundai dealership to have those parts repaired or replaced. In summer especially, amid the heat and following the damage done by winter’s ice and snow, there are some parts that need more attention than others. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly-replaced parts in the summer for Calgary, AB drivers:

Tires. While you probably checked your tread before winter bore down, summer is worth another gander at those wheels just to make sure you’re good before any long road trips. Balding tires are awful in wet conditions and can make you more prone to flat tires. That’s the last thing you want when traveling across the province for some vacation fun.

Windshield Wipers. The winter wreaks havoc on windshield wipers, even the heavy duty ones meant to withstand the winter weather. Ice just destroys the rubber on those things, ripping them away from the wiper itself. Our service department happily will switch those out for you, and the good news is that it’s a really inexpensive fix.

Engine Coolant. While coolant isn’t necessarily a “part,” it is an important part of summer maintenance. We can check the level and quality of your coolant and then either top if off or flush and replace it. Either way, you don’t want your engine overheating, and keeping your coolant full and fresh is a great way to avoid that.

Bring your Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fe, or Hyundai Elantra to our facility this summer and we’ll make sure all your parts are up to date and ready for the warmer weather!

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